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Practical Advice from Conifer Research and Women in Research

Have a great idea? Conifer Research offers us all some practical advice about slowing down to go faster. And I quote, “Jumping to conclusions too early is like drinking OJ before brushing your teeth. We’ve all done it, and it never end well. Next time you think you’ve got the answer, stop and park your ideas on the side to allow yourself time to fully understand the problem.”

Fortunately, we took this advice before starting MRx News. You can read all about our origin story in next week’s Newsletter. 

WIRe Toronto Event Lead Barb Paszyn along with fellow women research executives from around the world released a blow about what they’ve learned and experienced during WIRe networking events. My favorite was from Rebecca Brooks. 

“Our panelists that spoke on recruiting reminded us of the value of treating respondents like real people. People are complicated and fascinating and so much more than demos or $3 CPIs.” 

Indi Young has opened up a course on recognizing patterns in unstructured data that remove confirmation and cognitive bias. It’s verb-forward and very powerful.

As CES 2020 is winding down, there has been a lot of chatter by your fellow insight professionals around the intersection between consumer insights and leading tech. 

One emerging them is the adoption of audio. Audible published this ad on youtube. 

Set in a busy train station, Temptations opens with a woman seen killing time before she catches her train. After receiving a notification, various applications pop up and buzz distractingly around her.

Podcasts are projected to grow by 3x in 2020 according to the BBC. Happily, we offer a podcast to help occupy your unwanted quiet between moments. if you are looking to spend less time on your apps…tune into Happy Market Research. 

And that’s your daily briefing of marketing research news. 

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