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Ep. 417 – SampleCon 2021 Highlights: Adam Jolley, EVP + General Manager Americas at Paradigm Sample

Welcome to the SampleCon 2021 Highlights Series. Recorded live in Pasadena, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from exhibitors, speakers and attendees at this year’s event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews Adam Jolley, EVP + General Manager Americas at Paradigm Sample. 

More about SampleCon 2021: https://samplecon.com/

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Jamin Brazil: Everybody, I am joined by Adam Jolley. Incidentally, and I’ve never told you this, but you have my favorite last lame.


Adam Jolley: Oh, thank you.


Jamin Brazil: Happy. It’s nice, right?


Adam Jolley: Well, it’s so hard- it’s the greatest icebreaker in the world.


Jamin Brazil: 100%. It’s like built in.


Adam Jolley: It does, yeah.


Jamin Brazil: It’s perfect. Recently joined Paradigm Sample.


Adam Jolley: Yes.


Jamin Brazil: Sima Vasa.


Adam Jolley: Yes.


Jamin Brazil: We are at SampleCon live on the floor in person, literally three or four feet- three feet from each other.


Adam Jolley: It’s wild, right? I know.


Jamin Brazil: And we’ve hugged. That was nice.


Adam Jolley: It’s been nice. It’s so weird not just- you see people’s faces, and I expect their little name down in the corner just drifting, the little Zoom, like how it is.


Jamin Brazil: Totally [CROSSTALK] 


Adam Jolley: And so it’s so nice to see people and read mannerism- everything, it’s just amazing.


Jamin Brazil: 90% of communication is below the neck, they say, so our brain’s been working on overtime just trying to interpolate what is actually happening through Zoom or other-


Adam Jolley: Wow.


Jamin Brazil: Exactly. And that’s one of the reasons, interestingly enough, that if you are on a Zoom call for more than six hours, or Zoom calls for more than six hours, and you get into the car, you are driving as badly as if you were intoxicated.


Adam Jolley: Really?


Jamin Brazil: Yeah.


Adam Jolley: Makes sense to me.


Jamin Brazil: And it impacts women longer and more than men, probably; the hypothesis is because they have a little bit more caring about that experience.


Adam Jolley: I would say so, and more just observant in general.


Jamin Brazil: Yeah, [INAUDIBLE] absolutely right.


Adam Jolley: For sure.


Jamin Brazil: So it’s a super-interesting- it’s nice [CROSSTALK] 


Adam Jolley: This is a lot of great data for Zoom. The get back to work thing.


Jamin Brazil: Let’s get back to work. So talk to me about the show. What do you think? What’s a highlight for you so far?


Adam Jolley: It’s been great. I think my biggest- what I wanted to take away is figure out a true reason, or maybe a little bit more true reason, for this whole supply-demand thing that everybody’s talking about. Why can’t studies fill like they used to? What’s going on? How are we changing that? Is there some underlying reason besides COVID, or everything’s coming from the same supply river- not to say river like river, but- I wanted to try to get an for answer that, that’s not a sales pitch.


Jamin Brazil: I get you.


Adam Jolley: And I think I’m getting closer to learning a little bit more. There is a lot of collaboration where people are a little bit more open, I think, than in the past. It’s not just, one person wins. We’re all in it together.


Jamin Brazil: Definitely seems to be a theme here, is that there’s a lot more collaboration. Priscilla McKinney said it really well: collaboration is the new competition.


Adam Jolley: I like that feeling, and as a salesperson at heart, it’s hard for me to accept that not only one person can win sometimes- that competition drive. But the pie is so big [CROSSTALK] 


Jamin Brazil: And growing.


Adam Jolley: And growing more. And that’s- part of the things we’ve learned in the last year is more people are doing research than ever. It’s harder to fail because- or the impact of failing is so much more, and so you have to do the research. You have to figure out, and people are working together to fill in the holes rather than- it’s a lot easier to invest in that than to build your own thing.


Jamin Brazil: 100%, and rightfully so. So Paradigm Sample, you guys have had a tremendous year through COVID. Congratulations, driving this conference. Tell me about the business. What’s- pitch it, baby.


Adam Jolley: No, happy to. I- so Paradigm has been around for 12 years. And it started out like, how do we monetize the Socratic panel? It was all B2B, and that was it. And I think that- sometimes I think that was an accidental greatness in that we started B2B and then went to consumer, because we learned the hardest mistakes first, like the incentive process, engagement, things like that. The biggest, and honestly one of the reasons why I even came to Paradigm, was I feel like- and I heard today in a session, there were months last year where panels didn’t recruit anymore. And so we relied so heavily on exchanges, and you’re fishing from the same pond for everybody, and that- it started to run dry. And Paradigm buying the Tellwut panel last year, making a commitment to double their own panel size by the end of this year, that really stuck out to me. It’s expensive to do that. No one wants to do that. No one wants to have panel management. There’s something really to that. And so for me, I have- it’s been huge for us, like we’re not compromising. And that feels great, and that is a really proud thing for me to say when I’m giving the pitch to anybody here who can really not compromise and get things right, so-


Jamin Brazil: That’s great. How do you source your sample?


Adam Jolley: For the most part, it starts with- I don’t want to say that everyone comes from the same place. They kind of do. It’s a lot of publisher stuff. It’s a lot of web traffic, where things go in referrals. But for us, our- the biggest difference is the engagement, how we manage the panel. Service is a really hard thing to put on a balance sheet right now, especially with restech and what it does to multipliers and stuff. But it can be a differentiator in how your panel responds. And so to me, it’s, yes, we get probably the same people as every other sample supplier to come in, but how do we make them want to give their opinion more on our site? How do we make them- and it’s not just incentive, but setting up a community to where they can post their own polls, where they can let the curiosity be an incentive for them to answer questions. And you fall backwards into some great things, like they’re great at [INAUDIBLE] they’re great at IHUTs, they’re great at things that typically you wouldn’t want to go for a panel from. So it’s been great. So I wish I had a better answer like, we found this route to get these people no one else has, it’s great. But we don’t. It’s, we try to- we like to think it’s what we do with the product instead of just raw.


Jamin Brazil: Makes sense. Adam, thank you for joining me.


Adam Jolley: Thanks, Jamin.