Ep. 437 – CRC 2021 Highlights: Sergio Oliveri, Digital and Social Content Marketing Manager at NetBase Quid

Welcome to the CRC 2021 Highlights Series. Recorded live in Dallas, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from exhibitors, speakers and attendees at this year’s event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews Digital and Social Content Marketing Manager at NetBase Quid. 

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Jamin Brazil: Hi everybody, live from CRC here in Dallas, Texas. Sergio Oliveri.


Sergio Oliveri: Yes. Sergio Oliveri, yup.


Jamin Brazil: Oliveri. Excuse me. Net Base Quid is the name of this.


Sergio Oliveri: Net Base Quid, got to love that name, right?


Jamin Brazil: Tell me a little bit about the company.


Sergio Oliveri: Yeah, so Net Base Quid is an AI-powered consumer market intelligence tool. So basically we do social media listening and news media research.


Jamin Brazil: Got you.


Sergio Oliveri: Yeah. So it’s a platform somebody subscribes to and then they get it for a year. And we have like billions of sources. It’s crazy. There’s.


Jamin Brazil: So tell me about the use case.


Sergio Oliveri: Yeah, so for instance one of our customers, we work with a lot of big name brands, Yum Brands, Taco Bell. And we had a board member on the stage here at CRC in Dallas and he was talking about how he was part of the Taco Bell. He was the CMO of Taco Bell. And there’s a lot of different use cases with Taco Bell but one of my favorites is – so they’re trying to figure out how can they kind of – what could they do differently; what kind of – what’s out there; what are people talking about. And they discovered a big connection between Doritos and Taco Bell. So Doritos Locos Tacos.


Jamin Brazil: So they made that connection because they’re utilizing your platform and they saw the crossover?


Sergio Oliveri: Yeah, exactly. So it kind of fuels the research.


Jamin Brazil: Understood. So it’s like fodder for ideas and projects.


Sergio Oliveri: Right. And it’s in real time. So even like Dick Clark Productions, they did one of these big award shows that they do and they have like this war room. So you could see host A, host B. They saw host A wasn’t doing as good as host B so they gave host B more stage time and they pivoted.


Jamin Brazil: Yeah, makes sense. I love that.


Sergio Oliveri: There’s so many cool use cases. Go to NetBaseQuid.com/resources and you could see all of our testimonials and.


Jamin Brazil: Cool. We’re in person at CRC, which is pretty cool.


Sergio Oliveri: Isn’t it great?


Jamin Brazil: Yeah, what do you think about that?


Sergio Oliveri: Right. I’ve been – my only commuting has been from my bedroom to my living room. Yeah. So now I get to actually get on a plane and go places, but I love it. I talked to a lot of people at this event too and they’re all loving it and you know it’s kind of a hybrid. It’s a virtual and in person. And I still think you know this is the first event that I’ve been to since COVID, right, first conference. So it’s good to be back and I mean just a little plug here, we’re doing our live conference, Net Base Quid Live in New York and LA. So New York is going to happen November.


Jamin Brazil: So you’re doing a hybrid?


Sergio Oliveri: Yeah, we’re doing a hybrid model as well. But yeah, November 9th in New York and then November 16th in LA.


Jamin Brazil: What are people – what can participants expect to happen?


Sergio Oliveri: So we have guest speakers from – one of our guest speakers we’re working on, she’s a 2021 Nobel Peace Prize winner.


Jamin Brazil: OK, big deal.


Sergio Oliveri: Maria Ressa. And she’s in the media world out in the Philippines.


Jamin Brazil: Oh, got it.


Sergio Oliveri: And she spoke at one of the events in the past, I think in 2019 in New York. So we’re hoping to get her back and her story.


Jamin Brazil: I lived in the Philippines for a while.


Sergio Oliveri: Oh, no way. Really?


Jamin Brazil: Yeah, long time ago.


Sergio Oliveri: Where did you – Manila I’m assuming, right?


Jamin Brazil: Just for a little bit. No, Olongapo specifically. Anyway, off topic. So that sounds pretty cool. I assume they can access – find you on the website, which of course I’ll link in the show notes.


Sergio Oliveri: Yeah, exactly. And you’ll see we keep adding speakers, so.


Jamin Brazil: So 2020, 2021 pandemic, 2022 post-pandemic hopefully, what lessons have we learned or trends do you see that have developed in the last year, year and a half that will carry forward into 2022?


Sergio Oliveri: Well from a workplace, I think we’re seeing a lot more of this like kind of virtual, these hybrid events now. So I think that’s going to be a model that will continue until that fear or at least you know people start breaking away from that fear of traveling. So as long as that’s there.


Jamin Brazil: In reality that might always be part of the ethos of humanity, right?


Sergio Oliveri: Yeah.


Jamin Brazil: There’s always going to be a subset of the population that is for whatever reason, incapable of travel.


Sergio Oliveri: Right. So I think you’ll see that model and people still working virtually too; not working at the office. But we at Net Base Quid are virtual but we also still you know have our events and we do – we have a presence, strong presence in Silicon Valley. So we sometimes get together and have like sessions where we’ll do something in person.


Jamin Brazil: Got it.


Sergio Oliveri: Yeah. It’s a really cool company to work for and I’m – I’ve been with the company since 2016. I used to be in sales and now I’m in digital marketing. And I can’t tell you how many cool resources. Really though, check out our resources section on our website. There’s some fun stories.


Jamin Brazil: That’s free for.


Sergio Oliveri: Yeah, totally. Just sign – there’s all kinds of – I do all the videos so.


Jamin Brazil: A little bias. I love it.


Sergio Oliveri: Yeah, I’m like a video guy now and no, it’s crazy how many customers are just willing to tell their story.


Jamin Brazil: Yeah. Sergio, it’s been a pleasure. Thank you.


Sergio Oliveri: Absolutely. Thank you.


Jamin Brazil: All right everybody, onto the next one.