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Seven Lessons From a Market Research Professional of 40 years

Kantar joins The Valuable 500, the global movement putting disability on the business leadership agenda. More than 200 companies have now pledged to take a definitive stand on diversity encompassing disability in the workplace.

The Association of Market and Social Research Organisations and ESOMAR Foundation collaborates to launch the Research Got Talent award competition, focused on encouraging young professionals to use research to address prominent social issues.

In human vs. computer, Merrill Shugoll, President of Shugoll Research, shared seven lessons he has learned from being in the market research industry for 40 years. 

  1. Objectivity is key.
  2. Don’t get caught up in every new trend. Stay focused on what you do well.
  3. People may accept your invitation, but the incentive will ensure they show up. 
  4. Homogeneity in focus groups can avoid hierarchies or tension in group dynamics. 
  5. Qualitative and quantitative research work together. 
  6. Make sure your clients understand the implications of their requests. 
  7. Listen. 

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating this list. Shugoll does a masterful job of telling us what we absolutely need to hear right now. Well done sir and thank you. 

In human capital news, former Snap Head of U.S. Vertical Measurement, Cheryl Idell, is appointed as Chief Research Officer of WarnerMedia Entertainment & Direct-to-Consumer.

Vision Critical appoints Efrem Ainsley as Chief Operating Officer. 

Finally, in shoutouts, MSeltz says on the Apple Podcast app, “This is a fantastic listen for anyone in the insights field. I always feel like I’m in a silo in this world, and hearing from industry experts facing the same challenges as me is refreshing.” MSeltz, I heart you too! DM me on Twitter or LinkedIn. We’ve got a special gift for you. 

And that’s your daily briefing of marketing research news.

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