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The Adobe Design Research and Strategy Team is Looking for Interns

Netscribes, a global data and insights firm, announces the expansion of its India delivery centers. This comes after the news of employing 1,000 people worldwide.  

Tealium and Invoca announce a strategic partnership that enables organizations to combine customer data and conversational analytics insights in real-time. Why? To better inform contact center interactions and optimize the caller experience. The key insight here is that consumer insights is expanding into enablement functions. 

MediaScience, a lab-based research specialist, opens a tech-focused qualitative division, HARK Connect, a focus group remote viewing software with revolutionary features. I find it fascinating that there is a new entrant into the space of focus group remote viewing. However, HARK Connect is being led by Elissa Moses, an influencer in consumer insights and the previous CEO of Neuro and Behavior Science at IPSOS. 

BERA Brand Management, a brand measurement and consultancy, teams up with PeakEquity Partners and the Jim Stengel Company. This capital will enable BERA to grow its team, scale its brand intelligence platform and expand its global presence. 

In Wo(man) vs Machine, today I’m offering a review of Aurelius. If you are a Market Research Qualie or User Experience Researchers, you need to give this tool a chance. Totally self funded, the founding team have been doing consumer research for over 15 years. Aurelius is an insights platform for unstructured data analytics focused on creating key insight accessibility and visibility. 

For your free trial, check them out at…

In human capital news, Eyeota appoints Marc Fanelli as Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Development.

Mike Dabadie will be serving as the CEO of Heart+Mind Strategies, meanwhile, previous CEO Dee Allsop will be on an 18-month sabbatical. 

Finally in Jobs, the Adobe Design Research and Strategy team is looking for summer 2020 interns.  

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