The Top 5 Market Research Podcasts

I started a podcast because I loved listening to podcasts. Here is a list of my favorite shows that focus on Market Research.

Data Gurus by Sima Vasa

This market research podcast, hosted by Paradigm Sample’s Sima Vasa, explores trends in data science, methodologies, and analytics. This podcast is highly relevant to market research professionals, and is a great way to hear from thought leaders on the latest developments in the data collection industry and how they relate to market research. The host, Sima Vasa, is the co-founder of Paradigm Sample, data collection company and Infinity Squared Ventures, an advisory accelerator.

Stories of Market Research: The Insightrix Podcast

Another great market research podcast, hosted by Duncan McGregor, takes the approach of highlighting great storytellers in the market research industry. Insightrix is mindful of the fact that good market researchers must be good storytellers, and effectively combines their own expertise as storytellers with interesting anecdotes and interviews with market researchers. Duncan McGregor is the Marketing & Communications Coordinator for Insightrix and brings his own experience in market research and storytelling to the table as the host of this market research podcast.

QRCA VIEWS Podcast by Foster Winter

The QRCA Views podcast series plays a key role in their vision for the QRCA VIEWS magazine. This is an ongoing podcast series of interviews with a variety of personalities likely to be of interest to our readership. Some of the interviews will be with authors featured in the print version of VIEWS and others may be with major figures outside our organization. Inasmuch as VIEWS is quarterly, the plan is to post one or more such interviews each quarter.

Engagious Podcast by David Paull

DialSmith and Engagious CEO David Paull has done a great job creating this market research podcast. With industry star-studded interviews with some of the biggest thought leaders and influencers in market research, and great insights from David’s experience as a market researcher, this podcast is definitely worth the listen.

MRXplorer by Zontziry Johnson

And last but not least, my good friend and super fun podcaster, Z Johnson’s #MRXplorer. This podcast offers a unique view into complex topics from Big Data, to Blockchain, to “There is way too much snow in Seattle”. Tune into this one…episodes are fun and to the point. It is perfect for that morning commute.

The Happy Market Research Podcast by Jamin Brazil

We of course had to give our very own market research podcast an honorable mention. The Happy Market Research Podcast focuses on understanding the changes the market research industry is experiencing, and providing the perspective and insights needed to adapt. Our guests range from Fortune 50 execs on the client-side, to CEO’s of major market research agencies, to founders of startup market research technology firms.

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I wish you all success and happiness!