Ep. 438 – CRC 2021 Highlights: Tiffany Dixon, Sr. VP Field Management at Murray Hill National

Welcome to the CRC 2021 Highlights Series. Recorded live in Dallas, this series is bringing interviews straight to you from exhibitors, speakers and attendees at this year’s event. In this interview, host Jamin Brazil interviews Tiffany Dixon, Sr. VP Field Management at Murray Hill National. 

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Jamin Brazil: Hey everybody. You are listening to the Happy Market Research podcast live at CRC. The Insights Association is hosting us here at – in Dallas, Texas. It is a big state. My guest, Tiffany Dixon, Murray Hill National. I have used Murray Hill for almost three decades if that tells you anything about how long I’ve been in this space. Big fan. Tiffany, welcome to the show.


Tiffany Dixon: Thank you very much. Happy to be here.


Jamin Brazil: So tell me a little bit about Murray Hill.


Tiffany Dixon: Sure. Our core business is recruiting. So we focus on mainly quant recruiting. We also do some qual as well. And we have a brick-and-mortar focus group based in Dallas and then we partner with other facilities across the nation. So we can host any methodology, online, in person, you name it. And we’ve got a proprietary panel. We do consumer B2B and health care. Health care consists of patients, doctors, nurses, everything under the gamut there. And that’s – we’re all based in Dallas. So our core recruiting company is – we’re all in Dallas here. Yes, which is nice, which has been great too because you know everybody talks about the pandemic and everything like that, but we were lucky enough to be you know back in the office together recruiting quick; very quick.


Jamin Brazil: For sure. Well this is one of the first back to physical space, in person – that’s the word for that – events in market research. What do you think about getting back in person?


Tiffany Dixon: Oh I think it’s great. I think it’s definitely past time. We needed this. Everybody needs to get back seeing people. I think you know when you stay at home I mean you naturally start to become a little bit introverted and you miss that camaraderie and just the personal interaction, and you know the ideas that bounce off of each other. When you’re you know stuck at home just behind your laptop you kind of lose that. You kind of – I feel like you lose.


Jamin Brazil: A hundred percent.


Tiffany Dixon: You lose the steam. And you know I like getting out every day and going to the office and going back home. It separates it, which is nice. And I think again, you’re more creative. You know I had brain mush sometimes when I was sitting at home. I was like I need to get out. I need interaction, so.


Jamin Brazil: So it’s been really good for you it sounds like.


Tiffany Dixon: Yes.


Jamin Brazil: And obviously having a focus group facility really good for that as well.


Tiffany Dixon: Exactly.


Jamin Brazil: Thinking about 2021, I mean the pandemic has really digitized market research. It’s kind of like a time machine. I feel like we went ten years in the future and now we’re like right here.


Tiffany Dixon: Yep.


Jamin Brazil: What do you see as a trend moving into 2022 as a result of the pandemic?


Tiffany Dixon: You know I think we’re going to continue to see the online research. I think it makes sense in a lot of different areas as far as – obviously it saves cost. You can still accomplish a lot of the same things. But I do see us moving again, toward the in person. I’m not sure that we will ever get back to where we were for in person just because there’s again, not only are the clients more adept to being able to do the interviews and stuff online; I think our respondents are as well. You know that was a little bit of a curve, learning curve right there, you know just making sure everybody was you know – knew how to use Zoom, you know what is Zoom. But now that the respondents are more capable and you don’t have that ten minutes trying to get them to connect sort of thing and we’ve kind of worked out all the kinks there. I think we will keep that trend going. But I also think you know obviously there’s a lot of studies that require the in person, the face-to-face, if you’re product testing, testing devices, that sort of thing, you obviously need that.


Jamin Brazil: That in-person experience.


Tiffany Dixon: In person, exactly.


Jamin Brazil: Yeah, for sure. Tiffany Dixon, Murray Hill National is the name of the company. Look them up online. Thank you so much for being on the podcast.


Tiffany Dixon: Thank you. It was fun. Yay.