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Top UX Research Conferences to Attend in 2020

IRI has been selected to join Facebook’s Marketing Mix Modeling Program. This will allow IRI to offer their clients insights about the performance of their total marketing spend, in which a portion is spent on Facebook. 

GreenBook released an article sharing five reasons why you should enable voice in your surveys — one of the five is “Preventing Fraud in Market Research.” To find out why you should be adding voice, visit

There has been growth in the number of Consumer Insight events. 

Which one should you go to? Today, Kathryn Brooksheir, a UX Researcher at Indeed, published her point of view for User Experience Research on Medium. You can find a link to the post in our show notes or search for Top UX Research Conferences in 2020. 

Happy Market Research will attend one UXRConf, and, if budget permits, one other event. If you have a recommendation, please drop our show host, that’s me, and email at 

In human capital news, Andrew Hawn rejoins Maru/Matchbox as the Managing Director of Technology after spending two years at MetaForesight and Sparks & Honey.

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And that’s your daily briefing of marketing research news. We hope you had a pleasant time off and safe travels as we all conclude this holiday season. 

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