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User Experience Pitfalls to Avoid

UX Planet releases a two-part article highlighting what pitfalls to avoid in user research. Pitfalls to avoid include settling on poor sample quality and failing to consolidate background information. 

InCrowd, which offers real-time market insights for the life sciences, has been named a winner in the 2020 BIG Innovation Awards, presented by the Business Intelligence Group.

Congrats to our friends at Delvinia on winning the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award at the Insights Association’s CEO Summit in Miami.

In events, SampleCon, an event for consumer insight professionals focused on research participants, has released its agenda. Schedule for February 3-5 in Atlanta, the event will cover trending topics such as the Voice Economy to normal, but important, issues like Sample Quality. 

In human capital news, Founder and CEO of KJT Group, Kenneth Tomaszewski steps down as President after 13 years. He will be replaced by Michaela Gascon who will also serve as the Chief Operating Officer.

Greg Munves, the Chief Executive Officer of 1010data, resigns. Inna Kuznetsova, Chief Operating Officer, will serve as the company’s interim CEO.

Comscore promotes Carol Hinnant, a 15-year Comscore executive, to Chief Revenue Officer.

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