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UserTesting Welcomes two Executives to its C-Suite

Nick Freiling, CEO of PeopleFish, releases an article highlighting how survey research has changed. His three main points are:  

  1. Companies have gotten better at harvesting customers’ contact info, such that survey research becomes possible.
  2. Survey research tech has become more affordable, such that even small startups can launch powerful survey research projects.
  3. Survey research tools improved but have become complicated, such that a pro is often needed to make sense of the tools and programs out there.

In today’s mergers and acquisitions, Trinity McQueen acquires Blinc Partnerships, which provides Trinity with exclusive access to Blinc’s propriety tech platform.

In human capital news, Directions Research appoints Jason Ebbing as Senior Vice President of Executional Excellence.

UserTesting welcomes two executives to its C-Suite —  Matt Zelen joins as the Chief Customer Officer, and Jamie Anderson joins as the Chief Growth Advisor.

In jobs, Trusted Talent MR is looking to place a Sales Director in a market research firm that specializes in luxury, travel, and health and wellness. 

Finally in shoutouts, in response to the Happy Market Research Podcast, Xtabber says on the Apple Podcast app, “If you care about the marketing research industry, this is a must for keeping up on new, engaging and important news.” Thank you so much for leaving your review. I really appreciate it.

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