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Verdane Acquires Confirmit

In today’s mergers and acquisitions, Verdane, a Northern European specialist growth equity investor, acquires Confirmit, a global solutions provider for customer experience, employee experience, and market research. Verdane is the major investor in Dapresy and will merge the two companies.

Trax, a provider of computer vision and analytics solutions for retail, acquires Qopius, a provider of AI-based in-store technology solutions in Europe. 

In human capital news, Elizabeth Real joins Strativity Group, a customer experience, and transformation firm, as its new President.

Nielsen grows its media management team by hiring Sean Cohan as Chief Growth Officer and President of International; as well as by promoting Peter Bradbury to Chief Commercial Officer of U.S.; and Karthik Rao to Chief Operating Officer of Nielsen Global Media.

Maru/Matchbox appoints two — Brian James as Deputy CEO and Chief Client Officer of Matchbox North America; and Brent Snider as Deputy CEO and Chief Revenue Officer of Matchbox North America.

In jobs, Cranbrook Search Consultants is looking to place a Director of Business Development in the SaaS Platform, DIY space of market research and insights. 

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