Will Augmented Reality Impact Marketing in 2019?

Guest Writer: John Victor, Content Developer & Editor

Augmented reality is the latest thing that is taking over the world by storm, and it’s already present in most industries. It has the capability of significantly enhancing the user’s real-world experience by combining computer-based and real images and scenes to deliver an enhanced but unified view of the world.

The impact of AR on the world is already huge. The medical industry is already using AR for practical purposes, and technology will play a crucial role in the future of this industry.

The capabilities of AR will make complex surgeries simpler while offering the patients a safer experience and environment, significantly reducing any chances of complications arising in the post-surgery period.

AR is helping the development of handy medical devices that might revolutionize specific medical procedures. It is also a helpful tool for educating patients on their health.  

The Rise of AR  

The potential impact of market research is limitless. Marketing-wise, AR can do miracles to increase online sales conversion. If a customer can get a preview of a product in AR, there are 40% more chances that they will buy.

Since technological infrastructure is about to expand all over the world, the businesses that start using AR for marketing purposes will see revenue growth.

The most significant advantage that AR gives to businesses is the customer’s ability to personalize and customize their shopping experiences. AR is so useful that most consumers firmly believe that AR in marketing will significantly improve their customer and shopping experience.

The businesses that aren’t utilizing this technology for their marketing efforts will, therefore, see a decrease in customers. This means that the companies that are using AR to support their marketing efforts get a competitive advantage over those who aren’t providing an AR experience.

AR in Marketing

AR gives every business plenty of useful tools to keep their customers engaged. That is precisely why it’s expanding throughout industries such as education, astronomy, medicine, healthcare, and so on. Businesses can benefit from using AR in marketing as it helps:

Improve the customer experience – the brand that creates the best customer experience is the one to succeed. AR can be beneficial here because this technology is entirely user-centered. Most consumers are still clinging to the traditional shopping experience and old market research methods. Businesses need to surpass that and AR might be the right way.

Interactive selling – AR is making the entire shopping experience easy and exciting while also educating customers about the products, giving them more options, and so on. This helps build a bond between brands and customers.

Keep the audience engaged – AR is exceptionally effective at keeping users involved in the long run. Due to its inherently immersive nature, AR can capture customers’ attention instantly and keep them engaged. This is extremely helpful for brands that are looking to expand their customer base and increase their conversion rates. Market research companies continue to provide evidence to support this.

Storytelling – a brand can tell a quality story are the brands that delight, close, convert, and attract customers. That’s why storytelling is an essential part of every marketing communication.

AR helps storytelling come alive, allowing the customers to experience products in real life, which increases the chance to sell those products.

Create exciting marketing events – every marketing event needs some hype to succeed. To build hype, you need to make the attendees excited and intrigued, as that gets people talking.  This initial buzz can be transferred to social media, and that helps increase brand awareness. AR helps accomplish all of the above.

Getting Started with AR Marketing

The most advanced, innovative technologies are constantly changing the way brands approach both their existing customers and target audiences.

Most brands and industries are fully aware of how to use AR for their marketing purposes. But there is still much that people don’t understand when it comes to how AR can help their business and marketing objectives. Here are some useful steps to help your brand get started with AR marketing.

Explore AR and its Possibilities

AR allows customers to experience products and services by using all sorts of sensory experiences like sounds and visuals. It changes the reality as we know it without immersing consumers in a different world.

That’s why numerous brands are already incorporating AR into their products and services to allow their customers to experience those services and products in a new dimension or environment. By doing so, they create an entirely new and engaging customer experience.

Content Marketing – content marketing is critical today, and AR empowers customers to customize that content; however, they see fit. AR is a great way to allow your customers to not only interact with your content but upgrade it, and this is precisely what keeps them engaged with the content.

AR also allows customers to visually experience the products and services online before they make their purchases, making the content more accessible. AR can help enhance immersion and interaction between a brand and its customers. It can also assist companies in conveying their message.

By giving more control to the customers, the brands can build high-quality relationships with their consumers and ensure a loyal customer base. AR helps brands add value to their advertising campaigns and allow customers to personalize the entire process of making a purchase. This will result in customer satisfaction and increased revenues, which is the ultimate goal.

App Development – to make sure that your customers get a chance to interact with your business more directly, you can develop your AR app.

This depends on your budget as this takes time, effort, and resources. If you have the talent and budget, developing your AR apps is the next step in the evolution of AR marketing.

The rising popularity of AR will only see it implemented in every industry. It is a unique way to improve not only customer service but the entire customer journey.

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