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YouGov Releases Recommend+

YouGov releases Recommend+, a highly cost-effective NPS diagnostics approach to give marketers the full picture on what drives consumer advocacy. 

Former 2CV Research employees, Alex Nketiah, Adam Short, and Ollie Willis, launches The Point, a global full-service insights agency. 

Rob Volpe, CEO of Ignite 360, has been awarded the Impact Award by QRCA.

Ana Popa releases an article highlighting mistakes UX researchers make when running a user test. Few of the mistakes include:

  1. Not listening and observing the user — body language is way more honest than words
  2. Teaching the user “How to…” rather than letting them explore
  3. Influencing the user’s answer with the question

In jobs, Trusted Talent MR is looking to place a New York-based Senior Sales Executive in a company that is known to be industry standard for topical analysis and emotion measurement.

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