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I ❀️ market research! Software I’ve built is used by 3k firms & 75% of the F500 for consumer insights.

Host of the #1 Podcast for Market Research, the Happy Market Research Podcast. You live once. Love the… 1. stuff you build, 2. the people you build it for, and 3. the team you build it with.

Those 3 things are where Jamin dedicates all his effort.

He is a seasoned chief executive with a background in leading high growth organizations from inception to exit. Over the last 20 years, he has developed a deep knowledge of market research which gives him a unique view when assessing which tools and techniques are trending.

As the previous CEO of FocusVision, he was the first to bring to market a combination of qualitative and quantitative technologies that are used by 75% of the Fortune 100 and over 3,000 companies globally.

Prior to FocusVision, he pioneered online surveys, conducting one of the first ones in 1996 and founded a top survey platform, Decipher, in 2000.

Chueyee Yang

Creative Director & Show Producer

Chueyee Yang is the creative lead responsible for advertising and marketing; working with designers, artists, copywriters, sales teams and marketers to create a vision for Happy Market Research. She plans advertising, oversee the creative process and gives guidance to the creative people that work under her.

Chueyee is also responsible for the overall production of Happy Market Research episodes. From sound quality to story, she ensures each episode consistently delivers quality in an entertaining package.Β 

About Our Podcast

In short, we love Market Research. But even more than that, we love the people who comprise this insightful and fun-loving community.Β 

Our core discussion follows…Β 

  • Journey into Market Research
  • The role of insights in a modern brand
  • Future of Market Research
  • Biggest issue facing Market ResearchΒ 
  • 3 characteristics of an all star employee
  • What is your motto?

The goal is to give practical advice so everyone can use market research.Β 


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