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Ep. 303 – Ted Pulsifer – Trends in MRx: Augmented Reality, Agile Research, and Changes to Survey Designs

This episode was recorded in December 2019. My guest today is Ted Pulsifer, CRO at Market Cube. Established in 2008, Market Cube in an Online Sample, Survey, and Research Company based in Mount Pleasant South Carolina. Prior to joining Market Cube, Ted has served in leadership roles at Dynata and Lucid. Additionally, he has invested…

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Ep. 302 – Michele Ronsen on how the key to Asking Better Questions is Tied to Developing Better Listening Skills and What you can do About it

My guest today is Michele Ronsen, principal and founder of Curiosity Tank.  Founded in 2010, Curiosity Tank is a design research and strategy firm that identifies customer insights and put them into action by digging into your problem space and charting a path forward. Prior to founding Curiosity Tank, Michele worked for top design firms…

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Zoë Dowling, SVP of Research at FocusVision on Elements of a Good Participant Question

My guest today is Zoë Dowling, SVP of Research at FocusVision. Founded in 1990, FocusVision offers a technology suite that enables both qualitative and quantitative research.  Prior to joining FocusVision, Zoe served as an executive at Kantar and the US Census Beuro. Additionally, she was an Associate Lecturer at the University of Surrey. Find Zoë…

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