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Ep. 305 – Andrew Moffatt – How Sample Quality has Changed and What you can do to Adapt

My guest today is Andrew Moffatt, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer at OpinionRoute.  Founded in 2013, OpinionRoute is a services and software company focused on quantitative market research. They are most widely known for their CleanID offering designed to identify survey participants who are bots or survey farms.  Prior to joining OpinionRoute, Andrew spent 17…

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Steve Mast, President of Delvinia on how to Transition Work from the Office to Home

My guest today is Steve Mast, President & Chief Innovation Officer at Delvinia. Founded in 1998, Delvinia is a Canadian based Group of Companies that provide consumer insight and data collection solutions including Delvinia Custom Solutions, AskingCanadians, AskingAmericans, and Methodify. Prior to joining Devinia in 2000, Steve has been a video game producer, architectural designer,…

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Henrik Mattsson, CEO of Lookback on how to Transition Work from the Office to Home

My guest today is Henrik Mattsson, CEO of Lookback.  Founded in 2013, Lookback is a video capture and sharing application used by User Experience professionals to conduct both moderated and unmoderated user research projects that is used by over 1,600 companies globally.  Prior to joining Lookback, Henrik was the co-founder of Authentique Partners, an entrepreneurial…

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